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Labor standards dictate what is legally considered "work" and how many hours truckers can "work." The Fair Labor Standards Act—which gives almost every American production worker a 40-hour work week and a minimum wage—does not fully apply to truck drivers working for firms engaged in interstate commerce. Making the Fair Labor Standards Act applicable to all truck drivers would resolve this injustice while making our highways safer, our truckers healthier, and our supply chain efficient.



In the News

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"Economic Incentives and Market Pressure: Why Markets Require "Safe Rates" Regulation"

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“Trucker Shortage Hits Home: A lack of drivers is challenging the trucking industry and impacting retailers” [Part One of a Two Part Series]

Pat Pape, The Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing, April 19, 2021. Read more

“The Trouble With Trucking: Want to understand how workers so often get a raw deal, even during a growing economy? Ask long-haul truckers”, The Editorial Board, The New York Times, August 11, 2018. Read more

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