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Research Reports

Dr. Belzer's research has been funded by international governments and organizations, as well as academic, federal, and industry organizations. For more information about his research and copies of any reports not linked below, please contact Dr. Belzer directly.

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"Review of the South Korean Safe Rates System." Submission to the National Assembly Committee on Land, Infrastructure and
Transport, Republic of Korea, April 2022. Download

“Main causes and consequences of lower pay and unpaid work in the trucking sector." International Labour Office of the International Labour Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland. Sound Science, Inc. June 2017.

“International comparison of fatalities related to goods vehicles.” Report produced for the International Transport Workers Federation by Sound Science, Inc. With Matthias Jung. 26 March 2015.

“The Economics of Safety: How Compensation Affects Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Safety.” Sound Science, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI. 2012. Read Download

"The Low Road: Fiat/Chrysler’s New Auto Transport Model Threatens Highway Safety and Economic Recovery." Sound Science, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI. 2010.

“Crisis in the North American Motorcoach Bus Industry: Threats and Opportunities Created by Growth in Intercity Bus Traffic,” a report that includes three appendices providing detailed comparative analysis of safety across sub-sectors of the interstate motorcoach bus
industry. 2009.

“Report of Analysis: Truck Crashes and Work-Related Factors Associated with Drivers and Motor Carriers.” 270 pages, including main report and two appendices. April 28, 2009. DOI:10.13140/RG.2.2.17287.52644

OOIDA 2003-2004 Cost of Operations Survey: Report of Results. April 2006. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.17461.83682.

“Truck Driver Occupational Safety and Health: A Conference Report and Selective Literature Review” (with Gregory M. Saltzman). 893 pages, including 810 pages of presentations on CD. December 31, 2003.

“The Jobs Tunnel: The Economic Impact of Adequate Border-Crossing Infrastructure” (with Philip Hopkins, Peter F. Swan, Christina Casgar, and Paul Bingham). November 2003. Download

“Regional and National Economic Analysis of Delay and Delay-Related Costs and the Detroit – Windsor Crossings: The Economic Effects of Interruption of Capacity on the Ambassador Bridge” (with Philip Hopkins, Peter F. Swan, Christina Casgar, and Paul Bingham). September 10, 2003.

“Paying for Safety: An Economic Analysis of the Effect of Compensation on Truck Driver Safety” (with Daniel Rodriguez and Stanley A. Sedo). 129 pages. September 2003:
. Download

“Proposed Changes in Motor Carrier Hours of Service Regulations: An Assessment” (with Gregory Saltzman, Stanley Sedo, George Fulton, Donald Grimes, and Lucie Schmidt). March 6, 2002.

“Driver Background Paper: Current and Future Trends.” Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. November 17, 2000.

“Task 1: Baseline Risk Estimates and Carrier Experience.” University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations. 172 pages. With Kenneth L. Campbell (March 2000).

“Less-Than-Truckload Trucking Industry Case Study and Benchmarking Report.” Presented to participating carriers on January 11, 2000 at the Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC.

“Hours of Service Impact Assessment.” With Kenneth Campbell, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, along with research and analytic assistance from economists Stephen Burks, Kristen Monaco, George Fulton, Donald Grimes, Daniel Lass,
and Dale Ballou. U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Authority, Office of Motor Carriers and Highway Safety. March 11, 1999

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