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Working Conditions

There is no shortage of people qualified to be a truck driver: millions of people hold a commercial driver’s license that they don’t use and new drivers are recruited and created all the time. The real issue is that trucking companies do not retain the drivers because the job of being a truck driver is a physically dangerous profession with crashes, high rates of hypertension, and obesity-related morbidity, as well as being away from home for days and weeks at a time while getting paid for only 75% of the working time.


As Dr. Belzer has written, it is a retention, not recruitment problem, and truck drivers are overworked, overtired and underpaid.


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In the News

“‘Indentured servitude’: low pay and grueling conditions fueling US truck driver shortage” 

Erin McCormik, The Guardian, November 22, 2021. Read more

“Trucker Shortage Hits Home: A lack of drivers is challenging the trucking industry and impacting retailers” [Part One of a Two Part Series}, Pat Pape, The Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing, April 19, 2021. Read more

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Why Truck Drivers Should Be Next in Line for the Vaccine.” Jason Silverstein, Men’s Health, December 21, 2020. Read more

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