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Dr. Belzer has been a regular media source for over 30 years. His expert knowledge of trucking, unions, negotiating, and transportation has made him a trusted source for reporters at top news organizations around the world. 


In the 2000s, Dr. Belzer's book, Sweatshops on Wheels, was published in 2000 and the book was widely covered in the popular press. He was consulted for his expertise on international supply chain, Canadian/Michigan border crossing, truck driving working conditions, driver shortages, deregulation, unions, strikes and negotiations, and deregulation.

“New study suggests toll roads reduce highway safety.” Today’s Trucking, July 18, 2008. Read more


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"Foreign Ventures Come to Terms With China’s Labor Unions: Wal-Mart's acquiescence is groundbreaking, and means other companies will be forced to follow." Jeremy Kahn, World Trade Magazine, December 2006.

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“General Motors retirees Larry Benjamin and Patricia Rogers are furious that GM might cut their healthcare benefits.” Paul Kangas, Susie Gharib, Diane Eastabrook, Jeff Yastine, Suzanne Pratt, Nightly Business Report (PBS), July 7, 2005.

“The next time you’re on the turnpike, think about how safe you feel, now that the truck next to you is going 10 miles faster than it did a year ago. A new report finds that accidents are up after the speed limit change - is this the cause of the increase in accidents or are there other factors, such as driver fatigue to blame? One hour call-in show, with David Bartosic of the Ohio Trucking Association.” Janet Babin, 90.3 at 9, WCPN Cleveland Public Radio (90.3), August 3, 2005.

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“Garbage strikers smelling like rose; Weather, Cubs helped Teamsters.”  Stephen Franklin, Chicago Tribune, October 12, 2003.

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“UAW Wins Better Contracts, But for Fewer Workers with Planned Plant Closures.” John Gallagher, Detroit Free Press, September 19, 2003.

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“Big 3, union begin talks today; Stakes are high for both sides amid the rise of foreign automakers.” Terry Box, The Dallas Morning News, July 14, 2003.


“Use of foreign-born workers called need by some, greed by others Midwest construction wages.” Steve Jordon, Omaha World Herald (Nebraska), May 4, 2003.

“Regulatory reform and labor outcomes in the U.S. electricity sector: although employment reductions have been associated with deregulation of the U.S. electricity sector, reductions in earnings have not; in fact, premium and real weekly earnings for electricity-sector employees have risen.” Niederjohn, M. Scott, Monthly Labor Review, May 1, 2003.


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“Regulations just ‘Band-Aids on a festering sore:’ Author Michael Belzer, a leading critic of working conditions in North America's trucking industry, argues that tinkering with hours-of-service rules won't resolve 'a crisis.’” Series: The Truth About Cars & Trucks - Part Two: Asleep at the Wheel.” The Ottawa Citizen.  June 22, 2001.

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