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Dr. Belzer has been a regular media source for over 30 years. His expert knowledge of trucking, unions, negotiating, and transportation has made him a trusted source for reporters at top news organizations around the world. 


In the 2010s, Dr. Belzer was consulted for his expertise on truck driving working conditions, driver shortages, deregulation, unions, strikes and negotiations, and deregulation.

“It’s time for hourly driver pay.” Mike McCarron, Today’s Trucking, November 7, 2018, Read more

“Truck drivers' salaries are experiencing an 'unprecedented' jump, but it's not enough to end the driver shortage that's making everything more expensive.” Rachel Premack, Business Insider, August 4, 2018. Read more

“Hollingsworth bill targets truck driver shortage with age restriction reduction.” Danielle Grady, News and Tribune (Jeffersonville, Indiana), June 4, 2018. Read more

“Loading Dock Wait Times Cost Truckers Over $1 Billion Annually.” Michelle Rafter, Trucks, February 04, 2018. Read more

“Feds Say Truckers Over-Counted, Autonomous Tech Threat Overstated.” Michelle Rafter, Trucks, February 01, 2018. Read more

“Regulations and strong competition are a potent mix: Interview.” ABC News Australia, January 17, 2018. Watch here


“Hollingsworth bill targets truck driver shortage with age restriction reduction.” Danielle Grady, News and Tribune (Jeffersonville, Indiana), June 4, 2018. Read more

“These Truckers Work Alongside the Coders Trying to Eliminate Their Jobs.” Max Chafkin and Josh Eidelson, Bloomberg Businessweek, June 22, 2017. Read more


“Truck Driver Annual Wages Jump 5.7% Since 2016.” Michelle Rafter, Trucks, August 29, 2017. Read more

“Blue Water Bridge workers on Canadian side go on strike.” Zlati Meyer, Detroit Free Press, November 21, 2016. Read more


“Brexit roils stocks: U.S. 'best house in bad neighborhood'.” Greg Gardner, Detroit Free Press, June 24, 2016. Read more


“A better path to safer roads: It’s time for the U.S. trucking industry to end the charade of pretending not to know that pay-by-the-mile is a failing model.” Howard Abramson, Fleet Owner, March 14, 2016. Read more


“Entry-Level Driver Training Is First of Many Trucking Regulations in 2016.” Seth Sparks, Trucks, February 29, 2016. Read more

“To retain drivers, some trucking companies try giving them a voice on the job, but doing so carries risks, because of how American labor law treats employee input.” Lydia DePillis, The Washington Post, January 20, 2016. Read more

“California Worst State for Truckers, Tennessee is Best.” Carina Ockedahl, Trucks, January 27, 2016. Read more

“How Does Truck Driver Pay Relate to Safety? That's what the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration wants to know.” Larry Kahaner, Fleet Owner, March 18, 2015. Read more

“Study links Peace Bridge truck traffic to asthma.” Today’s Trucking, August 1, 2014. Read more


“Ambassador Bridge on capacity brink: Study.“ Trucking News, August 1, 2014. Read more

“Are Better Paid Drivers Safer Drivers?” Today’s Trucking, August 1, 2014, Read more

“Study: Two-week Ambassador Bridge closure would cost $2.3 billion.“ Trucking News, August 1, 2013, Read more

“Hearing addresses negative effect of CSA program on small businesses.” Today’s Trucking, July 12, 2012. Read more

“The 411 about the potential for freight cargo transportation in Detroit via the Great Lakes Global Freight Gateway: Interview with Dr. Michael Belzer.” Tiffany Lemieux-McKissic, The Bright Side, September 26, 2011. Watch here

“NLRB board vacancies could stall major labor decisions” John Dimsale, Marketplace (Dimsdale), December 28, 2011. Read more


“‘Chinatown’ Buses May Face U.S. Crackdown After Fatal Wrecks.” Jeff Plungis, Bloomberg News, April 6, 201.1

“Haul or High Water.” Dan Rather. Dan Rather Reports (Television), June 8, 2010. Watch here

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